MBA Online in Digital Business

Digital companies need professionals with a specific and multidisciplinary training, who are agile and flexible and able to adapt to changes in liquid and very fast environments such as technology-based companies and the Internet.

The MBA Online in Digital Business aims to train professionals with specific training capable of managing digital companies and lead change in traditional business. This training program covers all areas of knowledge specific to the management of technology companies, adapting to the characteristics of the digital world, where innovation and change are decisive for the future.

At the end of the online MBA in Digital Business you will understand how a digitized company works and you will be able to manage and organize it to design growth strategies, acquiring solid knowledge about business and organizational models, strategic and financial planning, inbound & outbound marketing, internationalization and leadership . With this online MBA you will learn to manage projects and develop products with agile methods and to make quick and accurate decisions.

In addition, in the last section of this MBA in Digital Business you will have the possibility of replacing the digital marketing part with a specialization in one of these areas: Big Data, Customer Experience, Mobile and Digital Transformation.

What will I learn?
At the end of the Online MBA – Master in Digital Business you will be perfectly capable of:

  • Direct and manage a digital company.
  • Transform a traditional company.
  • Incorporate innovation, technology and automation into your value chain.
  • Analyze and study the strategies and business models for technological and digitalized companies.
  • Know the legal aspects associated with this market.
  • Integrate innovation: fintech, edtech, growth strategy, open innovation.
  • Apply the most appropriate technologies: Mobile, Machine Learning, IoT, 3D, etc.
  • Attract, capture and retain talent by implementing an organizational culture 3.0.
  • Apply agile methodologies and new organizational models.
  • Direct and motivate high performance teams using the Corporate Entreprenuership.
  • Use the most appropriate digital marketing and sales strategies.
  • Incorporate electronic commerce and all distribution channels into operations.
  • Apply Communication and Public Relations and Social Media Optimization techniques.

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